Do you feel lost in life? Do you lack a direction? Are you seeking your purpose? I was too, maybe my story can help you.

Welcome to my site about finding my purpose. This site will hopefully help you to find your why, help you to truly find what drives and motivates you to do the things you do. It is a question I asked myself at the age of 32. I reached a stage in my life where I couldn’t find a real passion for things, I couldn’t get excited about life and I felt like I just existed. My relationship was suffering, I didn’t want to go to work, and I stopped doing things.

What I found out was that I could find my why, I could dig deep into myself a truly discover why I wanted to rich and successful, why I wanted to a house by the beach or why I wanted to love. In fact at the time I felt that I couldn’t love. I found out that I was empty inside and had no idea what to do and who to turn to. I felt like I couldn’t understand my thoughts, I couldn’t feel my emotions and that I felt alone, so I starting finding my purpose.

So I decided to focus my attentions I learning about myself, learning how to feel, how to listen and understand the little voice in my head that seemed to jump all over the place. Finding my purpose was a time for an adventure of self-discovery.

This website is my story. It is my story on how I achieved truly loving life and being happy. The reason I did it online was to be as open as possible, one of the reasons for me not feeling was due to holding back on my feelings and thoughts and not letting people in. I decided to take massive action and open up my life to anyone who was interested in reading. I also hoped that in telling my story and sharing my experiences would help others on the journey to happiness.

Now if you are still reading this I have one secret to share, this section you are reading is actually the start of my journey, the first page on the site and was written when I was 32, the period when I decided to find myself, to get rid of the emptiness and to find happiness. I wrote it in past tense because I knew I was going to make it a success and finally be happy. I was determined to find my purpose.

You are welcome to follow my journey, see my highs and my lows and also learn how you can do it too. I share everything I have learnt so you can apply it to your life and reach happiness too. I hope you enjoy my journey in finding my purpose.

7 Responses to Home

  1. Steve & Andrea says:

    We are quite intrigued,and wish to find out more a weekly visit shall occur,to keep up with progress….

  2. Amin says:

    Interesting! Looking for more future posts

  3. Karen says:

    Hey Dude…I know exactly what you mean by feeling all alone. I am also at that stage of my life and am trying to find my why. Sure my why should be my daughter and family but for some reason it is just not enough to motivate me. I do think I need to look deeper inside myself and understand why really gets me passionate and motivated. Thank you for your post.

    • RyanM says:

      Since starting this site and trying to work on personal development I have had the oppurtunity to talk with some very good leaders in personal development in Australia. One of the critical aspects of finding your passion is to just ‘be’. For me this is something that is difficult. However I am practicising. I will write a post on this to explain it better, but it is just about being in the moment and not needing a reason, not needing a why. I recommend you try it. After all life is about living, so enjoy the moment without needing a reason.

  4. Rene says:

    Ryan I am so proud of you :) You’ve come a long way in the past few months and I do look forward to continued growth and the rest of our journey together :)

  5. jdoreobuzz says:

    Hey there. i’m just a teenager and right now, this very moment i am writing this comment, i can’t find my purpose in life nor my deep why.
    can you guide me? i’m just 17 you know. . .

    - J.D.S

    • RyanM says:

      JDS, what I have learnt on my path is not to stress about finding your why. I was always keen to push and push until some devine light said this is what I was suppose to do. What I have learnt is to just live in te present. Start appreciating life in the now and not stressing about what is happening.
      I wrote down all the things that I appreciated in life and just sat on it for a while. The other thing I did was write down all my wants and prioritised them. This gave me some kid of direction and although it might not be right at list it is momentum and with momentum you will learn if it is the right direction or not. It sure bits doing nothing until the right this comes along. Good luck

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