Discovering Your Inner Child – by Paul Blackburn

What an experience. I have just completed my first emotional healing workshop with Paul Blackburn and the Beyond Success team. If you haven’t yet, please read my post, ‘Healing the Inner Child Workshop’, this post was written before I had completed the course so it will give you pre workshop perspective.

The three day workshop was based in beautiful Canberra, Australia. I hadn’t been there before and although cold, the orange autumn leaves made it spectacular. The Inner Child Therapy workshop actually started on a Thursday night, were we got a general overview of the course and a chance to meet the team as well as others doing the course. It was a very friendly environment and many people there had already completed one of the Beyond Success courses, they were very welcoming.

Friday morning we were right into it, and the day covered two areas of the child development stages, baby (-5 to 9 months) and Toddler (9 months to 3 years). The day consisted of paring up with someone and sharing this time of our lives and talking about the things that we felt we missed out of during this stage. Each of these stages was followed by a meditation session and reading which really triggered some emotions in people.

Day two and three was made up of reflecting over the other stages of development pre-schooler (3 to 6 years), school age (6 to puberty) and teenager (13 to 25 years). Like day one we went over the functions of growing up and how this may have impacted us as adults. An example of this would be our experiences socialising during school age, if we didn’t learn how to do it properly we may have few friends as adults and feel uncomfortable socialising as adults. There were many different functions during growing up and each impacts us differently as adults. It was great to learn what kind of things may have contributed to who we are today.

For me the real impact of the workshop was the openness and honesty of the group. Although we learnt lots of theory about growing up, it was people letting go of the problems and expressing their emotions which hit me. People truly opened up and told their stories, stories they had kept hidden inside them for years. It all sounds rather crazy and I am still in disbelief, however I saw the physical change in people over the three days after they spoke up. The stood taller, talked louder and had springe in the step.

What have I learnt? For me it is the importance of sharing your emotions and not hiding them and hanging onto trivial things for years in the fear of judgement. Many of the people that stood up and told their stories I could relate to and this was reassuring. I still have a long way to go in expressing my emotions, but I plan to do it one small step at a time.

It is exciting to be part of the positivity and support of the Beyond Success team. I am looking forward to truly discovering myself and living to my true potential. Although it isn’t going to be easy I am determined and plan on working on it every day.